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Trip Signup Policy at Annual Picnic

The first opportunity to sign up for a trip takes place in-person at the Annual Summer Picnic. The following policy and procedures apply.

Purpose: To specify the order of assignment of trip spaces for:

  1. Club members in attendance at trip sign up/picnic
  2. Club members not at the picnic

Policy: Club Members with the following club job descriptions or specific picnic functions may submit applications to trip leaders before the formal signup period.

  • Other trip leaders
  • Trips V.P.
  • Membership Chairperson
  • Picnic Chairperson
  • Members working the membership/check-in table

Procedure At Trip Sign-up/Picnic:

If a line develops at a trip signup table, the following will apply:

  • A member in line may submit an application for themself and a roommate. ie.:

One (1) application if the members reside at the same address, or

Two (2) applications if each member has an individual membership.

  • A member may also submit one (1) application for members not present at the picnic.

This application will be taken after members in line have been accepted. These applications will be added to the trip in the order received.

Club members not able to attend the picnic have the following options:

  • Give their application to a member attending the picnic to submit to the trip leader.

After all the members in line have been processed, these applications will be accepted in the order received. 

  • Mail or hand-deliver an application to the trip leader. These applications will be marked in the order received. Mailed applications will be considered after all applications from the picnic have been accepted.


  1. If a trip sells out, applications will be placed on a waiting list in the order as mentioned above received.
  2. Please write separate checks for trip deposits and for membership dues.  

Submitted by: Lisa Rayhons, 7/21/2021