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 Join a group of individuals who love skiing, snowboarding and other activities. Our group provides a great way to socialize with others who share the same passion for winter sports. We've been in existence since 1958 so we're really good at finding the deals and doing the hard work of organizing trips so that you don't have to!

If you don't ski, that's fine.  We have many members who just love to get together for other activities, or who want to help the club run well by serving as volunteers.  


  • Bike Riding Group - "Z" has put together and lead a tremendous number of rides this year, 2-3 per week if you include the trail-prep ride early in the week. Club rides usually have an option for 10 and 25 miles round-trip, but our top riders already surpassed 5,000 miles in 2021. The season is not over yet! Club members can find out more on the Bike Riding Group page.
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Upcoming Events

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