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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I become a member, and how much does it cost?
A: It’s easy to become a member. Simply fill out a membership application online or download a form to complete manually and mail the form along with the membership fee ($25 individual/ $40 family) to our membership chairman. Note that if this is your first year being a member, dues are waived for the first year. Reference this website’s Membership section for more detailed instructions.

Q: How many members are in the club?
A: Currently we have approximately 250 - 275 members.

Q: Do I need to be from Indianapolis to join the Club?
A: Absolutely not! There are no location requirements in order to be a member. Oftentimes a member will have family or friends from other states who join in order to travel on a trip with the member. We even have had international members. We can usual offer ‘land only’ packages on our trips so that members outside of Indianapolis can fly from their nearest airport by obtaining their own airfare.

Q: Can I join if I snowboard?
A: Yes, it is not a requirement to ski to become a member. Many of our members do not ski, snowboard, or even like cold weather!

Q: Are there age requirements for membership? Can children be members of the Club?
A: An individual membership is for persons over 21 and their children under the age of 21. A family membership also includes children under 21. If an individual is under 21 who desires eligibility to participate in a club trip, there is a junior membership available if another member of the Club accompanies them and the appropriate signed permission of their parent or legal guardian is provided.

Q: What are the benefits to membership?
A: Besides joining a fun bunch of people, your membership will provide you eligibility for all of our Club trips, provide you free admission to Club meetings and many of our social events, provide a monthly newsletter delivered to your home, and provide selected discounts.

If you have any other questions regarding Membership information, please Contact Us, and direct your question/comment to "Membership" on the form.


Q: I don't ski, can I still be in the Club and can I still go on a trip?
A: Certainly! Many of our members are non-skiers. Our European and summer trips in particular are often geared toward sightseeing and does not require skiing to have a wonderful experience. Also, on ski trips, we can usually offer you a separate price that does not include lift tickets. There are plenty of other activities in the areas that we go that can keep you busy so you can enjoy a great winter vacation.

Q: Do I have to be a member to go on the trip?
A: Yes, but it's only a minimal charge annually and the fee includes free admission to all meetings, most social functions and a subscription to our newsletter, The Schussboomer.

Q: I don't have anyone to go with, can I sign up as a single?
A: Yes, and the trip price is still the same! Every effort will be made to match you with a compatible roommate.

Q: Where do the Club trips go?
A: The Club offers a variety of trips to satisfy the needs of a diverse membership. They include day trips, weekends, long weekends and week or longer timeframes to many different locations. The locations typically include local, Midwest, western, Canada, and other European destinations. Check out our Trips section of this website for the most up to date listing for this coming season.

Q: How many members go on each trip?
A: It varies but the average is approximately 30 people per trip. We have run trips with 10 participants and had others with 70 or more.

Q: How does the Club decide on the trip schedule?
A: Each Spring, the Trips VP will set up a meeting open to all members for the purpose of gathering input into the following year’s schedule. This meeting is advertised in the Shussboomer and on the website so all interested can attend. In addition to direct input during this meeting, the Trips VP will also review responses on trip questionnaires where people provide input as to where they would like to ski next year. Lastly, the Club maintains a trip inventory of where we have traveled in recent years and we attempt to identify areas that we have not traveled to in the immediate past.

Q: How can I become a trip leader?
A: Each year, the Club looks for people who want to lead trips. To be considered for a trip leader opening, you must complete a trip leader application (available online at this site). The Board approves the applicants and the VP determines who will lead the trips for the upcoming ski season.

Q: Do I need to buy skis?
A: No. All of the resorts we visit have ski rental shops where you can rent all of the equipment.

Q: How do I need to dress to ski?
A: Dressing in layers is the best option. It is advisable to pack a weather-proof outer shell or jacket, gloves, hat, sunglasses and goggles, and always carry sunscreen.

If you have any other questions regarding Trips information, please Contact Us, and direct your question/comment to "Trips" on the form.


Q: How much are lessons from club instructors?
A: Our instructors must meet the same certification and education requirements as the certified instructors at any ski school in America. The club provides their services, free to club members on trips where instruction is advertised. However, you may show your appreciation for an above-average lesson at après-ski.

Q: I've been skiing a few times, so I am not a beginner. Can I get instruction from a club instructor?
A: Certainly. Our instructors actually teach more "intermediate" hours than beginner hours. Some even teach more advanced skiing, such as powder or moguls. But don't be surprised if your instructor asks you to re-learn a basic skill, in order to overcome a bad habit and allow you to progress to a higher level.

Q: Ski instructors are a stuck-up bunch of snobs. Why should I take a club lesson?
A: Maybe in the "Ski Patrol" movie series, but ski instructors are everyday people like you and me. Many hold other jobs, as do the instructors in Indy Ski Club. Our ISC instructors were club members first, then became instructors, and they WILL see you again. So their primary goal is to make your ski lesson fun and safe, and (we hope) you will feel better about your new skiing skills. Ask any of their former students.... you will find that a number of them are still signing up to ski with "ISC Ski School".

Q: How many lessons can I get on a week-long trip?
A: We don't want to take too much of advantage of a good thing, so instructors volunteer to teach up to 1/3 of the ski time on a western trip. If advertised as a beginner trip to the Midwest, a club instructor will teach all weekend. You may sign up for just one lesson, or all of them. Your instructor should have announced lesson plans before the first chairlift of the trip.

Q: I have a five year old. Can she join our ISC ski lesson?
A: We generally draw the line at about age 12, because younger kids have different learning mechanisms and need different kinds of instruction than older kids or adults. However, most ski area schools offer discounted learn to ski and rental packages for young children.

Q: Are the ski instructors certified?
A: Yes. Each of our instructors has been certified through the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructor Association) and they are routinely required to meet requirements in order to maintain that certification. This is the same certification and education requirements as the instructors at any ski school in America.

Q: Can I get snowboard lessons?
A: We WISH we could teach snowboard! But at this point we have no certified board instructors. However, there is a growing group of boarders in the club, and we hope that one day soon one of them will emerge as the first certified board instructor in the club.

If you have any other questions regarding Lessons information, please Contact Us, and direct your question/comment to "Instructors" on the form.


Q: What is a Clubstar race?
A: A Clubstar race is an Indianapolis Ski Club race. It is usually done on a destination trip, but they can also be done at local hills. All participants make two runs on the course, or one run per course if two separate courses are used. The fastest male and fastest female become the “pacesetters”. Everyone else’s fastest time is calculated using a formula (along with your age) from the pacesetter's time. Medals are awarded, gold silver, bronze and participant, based on the calculations from the formula. These races are very fun events and are one of the main highlights on a destination trip.

Q: What is Nastar racing?
A: Nastar, an acronym for National Standard Race, is a recreational racing format offered at many ski resorts. A ski area employee, usually a good racer, will run the course to establish a “par” time. Everyone else’s time is calculated using a formula (along with your age) from the “par” time. Medals are awarded, gold, silver, bronze based on the calculations from the formula. Your race results can be viewed at the Nastar website and compared to others across the country. National Championships are held at the end of the season. Competitors who place in the top three in their age groups at any Nastar resort can qualify for the championships.

Q: What is OVSC or recreational league racing?
A: OVSC, or Ohio Valley Ski Council, is the council of ski clubs Indianapolis is a member of. Similar to a golf league, ski club racers meet approximately once a week at a local resort to compete against each other. As with golf, skiers establish a handicap and are placed in different classes or groups depending on your skill level. “A” racers compete against “A” racers, “B’s” against “B’s” and so on. Points are awarded and calculated throughout the season. Anyone can compete. You do not have to be an expert skier to join in the fun; in fact, most racers are intermediate skiers. Recreational racing is probably the best way to improve your skiing overall. Be warned, once you run a race course, you will be hooked and forever trying to better your previous times.

If you have any other questions regarding Racing information, please Contact Us, and direct your question/comment to "Racing" on the form.


Q: When and where are the member meetings? How long are the meetings?
A: We have four meetings per year. Our summer picnic is held in August at the Geist Sailing Club. The other meetings are held at the Adams Mark Hotel by the airport on the second Thursday of each month for September, December, and April. The doors open at 6:30 pm and announcement are at approximately 7 pm. The rest of the evening is devoted to socializing, dancing, or whatever the program is for that night. Typically the meetings conclude around 9 pm but members are free to come and go as their schedule permits. Specifics of each Club meeting can be found on this website in our Events Calendar as well as under the Club Meetings Section of About the Club. On occasion we will have a special meeting at a different time or location. These are always advertised ahead of time.

Q: How long has the Club been in existence and how was it formed?
A: The Indianapolis Ski Club is a not-for-profit Corporation founded in 1958 by a small group of enthusiasts for the purpose of promoting interest and activity in snow skiing, and to provide ski trips to local, national and international areas.

Q: What committees can I get involved in?
A: We have many opportunities to volunteer either in committees or to be an officer. The best place to learn about all of these options is on this website under the About the Club Section, Volunteer Opportunities.

Q: Does the Club get involved in the community?
A: The Club has been involved in community events in a variety of ways. They have included gathering donations at Club meetings for food banks, donating equipment to the Blind School, and helping with Special Olympics. This is just a sample of the few events we have been involved with in the past.

Q: How can a member become an officer or join the Board?
A: To join the Board of the ISC you must first run for an office. Elections are held every April, and if you are interested in a certain position, you can have your name placed on the ballot simply by informing a member of the nominations committee, or any current Board member. If you are not an officer but would like to attend Board meetings, these are open to the general membership and dates, times, and locations of meetings are announced in our newsletter and on the webpage.

If you have any other questions regarding General information, please Contact Us, and direct your question/comment to "General Information" on the form.